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Waarom gebruikmaken van de BodyHoist?


The BodyHoist is easy to use and quick to learn.


With the BodyHoist you can transfer a deceased by one person.


When using the BodyHoist you treat a deceased with respect.

Features about the BodyHoist

Maximun adjustment
shoulder width: 600 mm
Maximun adjustment
ankle width: 350 mm
Adjustable balance point
Safe working load: 260 kg*

PLS BodyHoist

Up to now there was no good solution to pick up a deceased, lift it up, gently transfer it from it’s place and lower it in the coffin. Our technical team thought of a solution and came up with a revolutionairy device, named The BodyHoist.

How to work with the PLS BodyHoist

Adjust the shoulderwidth as disired by the two possibilities; the fixed shoulderwidth and the steppless shouderwidth. Place the BodyHoist with opened fingers glide along the deceased and let it rest completely on the table so that the forks closes automatically.

Make sure that the Shoulderwidth Rods are between the shoulders and elbows. Support the head by positioning the headband. Adjust the balancepoint as desired.

Lift the deceased calmly and check that the balance is correct and the deceased person is respectfully in the BodyHoist. When desired; lift the deceased futher.

Position the BodyHoist above the coffin. check of the BodyHoist van be placed between the walls of the coffin. When desired; lower the BodyHoist to let the deceased rest on the bottom of the coffin. If not as disired; adjust the BodyHoist again.

Visa Versa
Open the fingers when the deceased is at the bottom of the coffin by pulling the red handle upwards.
To lift a deceased out of a coffin follow this process visa versa.

how to work with the pls bodyhoist
how to work with the pls bodyhoist2
how to work with the pls bodyhoist3
how to work with the pls bodyhoist4
how to work with the pls bodyhoist5

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About us

BodyHoist is a product of Patient Lifting Solutions (PLS). PLS designs, develops and manufactures ceiling hoist solutions for the hospital, nursing home and domestic environment.

PLS operates through dealers and distributors. We are constantly looking for new distributors and dealers with whom we can jointly realize successful projects for safe patient handling.

PLS is ISO 13485:2016 certificated. These learned manners of thinking allows us to produce high quality medical devices and to improve our management system, production and products. The requirements and test methods of the PLS Products are based on the NEN-EN-ISO 10535:2007, and contains a CE-marking.


Our technicians are closely involved in every detail of our production process, from design up to and including production. We also attach great value to the in-house production of our components. It gives us greater control over the quality of our products and means that we can guarantee you a longer service life.

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